Our Famous Findlay Market

Many thanks to The Boston Globe for such a shining article about our beloved Findlay Market.


The only disappointing part of the piece was the author noting Over-the-Rhine’s descent into “a rundown neighborhood of peeling paint and forgotten, weedy lots,” but not mentioning the last few years of significant developments and improvements. But, I suppose Findlay is even more impressive when you consider what it has survived through.

On a personal note: In warm weather, I visit the Market about once a week, but almost never on the weekends. I find it too crowded to navigate alone with two children (while my husband is at is work). The kids and I usually take the trip on foot around 9am on a weekday (but not Monday–it’s closed!) for fresh bagels and coffee at S & J Bakery and Cafe. After a quick breakfast, I usually take a cupcake or canoli to go, then hop over to Gramma Debbie for some sliced, marinated baked chicken and then to Madison’s for everything from a bag of spinach to a pint of sorbetto to a dozen fresh, local eggs. My kids love Brian Madison. In fact, my daughter was his second-youngest customer! Her first trip to the Market was at barely 4 days old. (We were beat by my friend Alice who brought her daughter in at 48 hours old. That jerk…) If I need to, I can also stop in for wine from my friend Michael at Market Wines (he once did a wine tasting at my album release party), get some fresh spices from the Colonel, and treat the kids to Dojo. We can also take a break and visit the playground next door, munching on fresh peaches or apples (or a diet coke for me) while the kids stretch their legs. It’s not the best playground in the city, but it’s clean and safe and manageable for the kids.

The great thing about living so close to Findlay Market is that a trip to the market need not be a field trip. It can be what it was meant to be--a trip to the market. You get what you need, you skip over the rest, and you can always come back another day.

Who’s your favorite Market vendor?
When do you prefer to visit?
What’s the craziest (or most wonderful) item you’ve purchased there?


(P.S. Have you noticed the historic marker on the north end of the market block that tells of the “anti-German hysteria” that forced the street names to be changed from their original German names to anglicized ones? Republic St. used to be named Bremen St.! Super interesting.)

2 thoughts on “Our Famous Findlay Market

  1. I came to Cincinnati in the fall of 1993 and my first trip to Findley was last summer (I think ~ I kind of lost time since having my last munchkin.) Having grown up in Pennsylvania around great markets as well as worked at them, I loved Findley. I’ve only been there a few times since but hopefully as the weather gets nicer we can make more stops.

  2. my first shout out! that’s too funny about madison’s….i don’t know why i’m surprised, but i am surprised that brian madison remembered that. i don’t really remember it. except that i think that was the visit that i brought dutchie with us, and he upset the stroller that i had him attached to while we went into that bakery shop (name?), and he broke eggs all over the sidewalk. and very nice people were trying to help. and i was very flustered. that sounds like the story of my motherhood. me trying to play nonchalant but feeling very flustered and sweaty under the collar most of the time.

    i love my life but i would love it more with you and findlay market as weekly parts of it.

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