About Me


Proud Cincinnati resident, wife, and mamma Liz McEwan.

Alter egos: Songwriter & musician Liz Bowater;
blogger here at The Walking Green;
manager at the 213 Listening Room;
local freelance journalist and social commentator.

I champion:

urban and pedestrian-friendly neighborhoods;
sustaining a local economy;
protecting public greenspace;
exploring the road less taken (literally);
outdoor and wilderness education;

large families;
stay-at-home moms;
parent-led schooling;
shunning popular media;

lifestyle evangelism;
home-based ministry;
embracing vocation;
reforming and redeeming culture;

investing in new ideas;
common sense and moderation;
healthy ideological debate;
liberty and freedom of conscience;

respecting every man’s dignity, regardless;
demanding equal respect and dignity;

scandalous honesty;
unapologetic truth;
cultivating a gentle spirit;

and sleep.
I really love sleep.


4 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Just when I think you can’t blow my mind anymore, I read the About Me section.
    You are amazing, my friend.

  2. Hello, Liz
    I’ve been enjoying your writing and then realized… We live in the same neighborhood! Our family is considering homeschooling (possibly using the classical Christian methodology). Would you be willing to meet to chat and share your journey, pros and cons?

    Tamara is a close friend of mine and can vouch for me so you know I’m not an online stalker!

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