Found it: Conservative Support for Public Transit!

How did I not see this before?

The American Conservative–a publication that I read often online–has a wing whose mission is “to build support for public transportation, especially urban and intercity rail, as a non-partisan, non-ideological infrastructure issue.” The American Conservative Center for Public Transportation was founded by American Ideas Institute to fill the void for Conservative, non-partisan discussion of urban issues–specifically, transit.

Super awesome!

More about the organization:

streetcar“The American Ideas Institute’s American Conservative Center for Public Transportation will be a strong and effective advocate for a robust public transportation system.  The Center will work to establish a conservative voice for enhanced public transit, including both urban and intercity rail. Conservatives have traditionally supported a strong national defense, and nothing is more essential to America’s security than reducing our dependence on automobiles powered largely with imported oil.  Improved public transportation can be an effective partner in this process, with technologies, especially electric railways, that have been tested and proven in more than a century of service.”

Read more here.

To those of you who think that consevatives (should) hate urban development: maybe it’s time to change your mind?

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