45202 Families

Parenting in an urban area can be a little isolating.
90% of the peers you see on a daily basis are either child-less or live 20 minutes away. It can be hard to make friends and stay active in your own community.

But most of us are on Facebook these days, right?
A few weeks ago, I started a Facebook group for “45202 Families.”I’m hoping this group will be a way to connect folks who live, work, or play downtown so we can share recommendations and plan events.

The group is “invite only,” so let me know if you’d like to join!

And I’ll try to get around to blogging again eventually…

5 thoughts on “45202 Families

  1. Can I be an honorary member of 45202 Families even though I don't live in the 02 anymore and I'm not on Facebook?! I am so nostalgic of our time in Over the Rhine, and every time I read something you wrote about the area, it makes me wish we were still living there, too. I am so proud of you for being part of the growth and revitalization there; my heart is there with you, too.

  2. just heard of your facebook group from friends, we are 12 yr OTR veterans with a young son, how can I get an invite? it would be great to connect with other families…

  3. Lisa, sorry I never saw your comment. I don't check frequently enough!Are you on Facebook? I know a "Lisa Dye" was added recently….

  4. No worries, I JUST checked back today to see if there was a response! I am on FB (but not the lisa mentioned above) my last name is Cameron. Maybe I'm technologically daft, but I have no idea how to send a request through FB to be invited to a group – or even if it's possible.

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