Things to Love: Finding Inspiration in Other People’s Homes

To take a break from things particularly urban or related to parenting, check out my favorite house tours posted by Apartment Therapy in the past few months at the links below.

Steven Arroyo’s “Think Tank.”

Annie and Paul Build a Home in Sync.

Andrew and Kathleen’s Inspired Home.

Stephen’s Re-Imagined Rowhouse.

Mae and BJ’s Chic Pet-Friendly Pad.

Drew’s Fantastic Factory Conversion.
(A quick note about this tour: This home is in Norwood, Ohio. I lived in Norwood for almost two years and passed by this building about a million times, always curious what was inside. I often thought that it would make an awesome conversion to a home. Low-and-behold! I wasn’t the only one with the thought. This renovation is well worth checking out. You can see more information and photos at Drew’s blog, here.)

On a personal note:
Recently, I’ve been inspired to create a list of small design and organizing projects I can tackle during naptimes on days I don’t work and on nights like tonight when I’m wide awake and everyone else is in bed. I’m hoping that some small projects will help transform our new home into something that really looks like us–rather than just a building to hold all of our stuff.

Because our time-frame for moving was so small and our schedules have been so hectic since our move, we haven’t been able to do some of the most basic new-house projects. Because we–literally–moved in only hours after the previous owner was gone, cleaning was the only thing we had time for. And, now, I want to get started making this place feel like “home!”

One of the first things on our list has been a huge backyard renovation, tearing out three useless planting beds so we can till the soil, level the yard, and start fresh. Some photos of “Phase I” of the Backyard Reclamation Project, (basically just demolition) just for kicks:

After raised-bed planters were removed.

The steel, aluminum, and wood we tore out.

Pavers we dug out of the ground. Saved to re-use.

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