We Did It! (Well, we’re going to do it.)

We’re buying a house!

As you can imagine, the buy-a-house-before-the-tax-credit-runs-out adventure has taken a lot of energy for both me and my husband, hence the reason I have had nothing to say on this blog for the past few weeks.

Suffice to say:
The house is in Over-the-Rhine.
It is a single-family home.
And it has a backyard.

As long as the few last-minute things come together, we will be in the house by the 4th of July (and then maybe climb out on the roof to see the fireworks!).

I couldn’t be happier.

More later…

2 thoughts on “We Did It! (Well, we’re going to do it.)

  1. Thats awesome. I heard they extended the credit till april 30th. We just got our check after buying in Jan.What street did you end up buying on?

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