Things to Love, Take One

Some new, old, and “new to me” things to love:

The BedNest:

Manufactured somewhere in the UK, the BedNest is a compact, travel-friendly co-sleeper crib.

We purchased an Arm’s Reach co-sleeper and used it for our son’s first 8 months. The Arm’s Reach beats the BedNest in a few ways: it’s larger, the mattress can be lowered to play-pen height, and its about half the price. But, the BedNest definitely wins for style and compact storage/travel-ability.

Maybe we’ll save up for one before we make way for a baby #2?

Sprig Toys:

My mother purchased this Sprig “Dino Adventure Rig” for my son for his first birthday. Sceptical of any gift arriving in such colorful wrapping, I was very pleasantly surprised when I was what was inside.

All the sprig toys are made from “Sprigwood”– reclaimed plastic mixed with recycled wood. They are colored without decorative paint and come in recycled, minimalist packaging. Even the electric toy series is powered by a generator using kinetic kid-produced energy.

My House Party:

I was super excited to see my friends Mike and Jessica, and their lovely tiny wooden houses featured all over my favorite design websites last month.

You can visit their online store to purchase the darling things, along with an assortment of air plants.

Sixx Design:

This husband and wife design team gets my vote for “best urban family homes.” (At least, the best I’ve seen this week.) Of course, it would take me winning the lottery, selling a kidney, or harvesting a few eggs to contract their services, but I think it would be worth it.

Props for:
Keeping it urban (most of their work is in Manhattan); having a million kids (7, to be exact); naming your kids weird, but not too weird names (“Major” is my personal favorite).

Check out their book Downtown Chic and an upcoming gig on Bravo.

Happy Saturday!

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