An Ode to My Baby Boy

In honor of our son’s first birthday, we hosted an open house. We used a loose disguise theme, since Izzy loves hats and glasses.

We kept our food simple: lots of healthy snacks and a few desserts.

I made about a million cupcakes and my grandmother’s butter cookies in the shape of the number “1.”

We took advantage of our high ceilings and projected a slideshow of our favorite photos of Izzy’s first year. It looped during the entire party.

I made a hundred or so origami paper lanterns (and had extra paper and instructions ready for guests to make some, too) to decorate a make-shift “photo booth” to catch friends in their disguises. Sad to say, the natural lighting in our apartment is terrible and so very few photos came out well.

I made Izzy a paper hat and mustache for his disguise. He didn’t like it so much, but his cousin did and kept trying to get him to wear it.

He liked this hat a little bit more.

We played a rousing game of “Pin the Mustache on the Man.”

The host and hostess.

Happy first birthday to our sweet little boy!

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