Local Issues: The Enquirer Calls "Save OTR"

Cincinnati Enquirer Editor Tom Callinan published an essay last Thursday titled Now, not soon, is the time to save OTR’s historic treasures.

You need to read it.

You can find it

An excerpt:

Soon is not good enough, Cincinnati.

Now would be a good time to get serious about saving Over-the-Rhine.

And I am not talking about crime there. I’m talking about saving its soul – the building stock that makes it one of the largest urban historic districts in the United States. The crimes are occurring not in the streets, but towering over them.

We are losing a treasure, one building at a time. That is the biggest crime happening in our midst…

Preservation of the historic core is not just council’s job.

It is not about them; it is us.

It is not there; it is here.

It is not soon.

It is now. – Tom Callinan

My question:

There are many of us who believe so fully in the value of Over-the-Rhine that we would be willing to invest the next 5, 10, 15+ years of our lives in helping save our neighborhood.

But, we aren’t necessarily the ones with the capital to make it happen.

Who will help us help OTR?

One thought on “Local Issues: The Enquirer Calls "Save OTR"

  1. Your last comment is so timely, as we've actually been trying to find a way [i.e. buy] to stay in OTR for the longterm but, aside from the smallest and least desirable condos which wouldn't allow us the studio space we need, it just doesn't seem possible. It's so frustrating.

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